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hey guys... about me, lets see. I go to Judson University and have a passion for people. I love the Lord and wait for his plan every day. Right now he has placed on my heart the opportunity to talk to all of you with the issue that seems to be very apparent on our campus this year... IMMODESTY :) i truly feel called to investigate this because its something that is all around us and there are no real boundaries drawn. Now with this blog I want to bridge the gap and have a place for us all to talk about this issue, what the Bible says, what our views are and maybe we can find some common ground. *shrug* Its worth a shot to try to get every ones voices heard.

who's out there?

20 November 2008

The "real" World

OK so reading the comments from the following post I got to thinking. Is what we are talking about a lost cause? I mean I know I still stand up for it every day and so do most of my peers but is modesty a lost cause here and now. Its interesting because really it isn't a lost cause because at one point there were guidelines out there in the media and magazines and such that were acceptable right? So what is it we have lost? Was it just our sense of modesty? Was it our sense of pride? Or did we lose a sense of dignity? As a people these questions are around us every day I realize its not something that most men struggle with as many times a day as women do but its still ever present. So what do you think, whats going on inside your head?


Anonymous said...

ok so that Jeremy Priest guy really has some knowledge from the looks of the comment he left on the last post. That got my head spinning. I guess i never thought of the clothes i wear every day I wouldn't say that my clothes are immodest but its something that is in the back of my mind now that i am thinking about.

Anonymous said...

Its funny how you talked about the past and the "guidelines" that it held because I don't really think of it as that at all they just had a different way of looking at things in that age just now how we have a different way of looking at things. Girls want to wear next to nothing its their own issue I don't see much wrong with it.

Anonymous said...

Maggie I completely dissagree with you. Sure if a girl wants to wear revealing clothing she is free to but we have to realize that our dress doesnt just affect us it affects everyone around us as well.

Strong Man said...

It's a worthy cause. But I wish we would lay off the emphasis on avoiding sin and the worry about men "stumbling." Instead, I'd rather approach it from an understanding that clothes and body language are one type of communication.

You are sending messages by your clothing and body language--are you sending the messages you want to send? Do they match your values as a person?

You send messages by what you wear.

I've written about this in my post: The Truth About Men and Modesty. .