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hey guys... about me, lets see. I go to Judson University and have a passion for people. I love the Lord and wait for his plan every day. Right now he has placed on my heart the opportunity to talk to all of you with the issue that seems to be very apparent on our campus this year... IMMODESTY :) i truly feel called to investigate this because its something that is all around us and there are no real boundaries drawn. Now with this blog I want to bridge the gap and have a place for us all to talk about this issue, what the Bible says, what our views are and maybe we can find some common ground. *shrug* Its worth a shot to try to get every ones voices heard.

who's out there?

12 October 2008

lets get this started

I was hanging out in my dorm a few weeks ago after we finished a movie with a few of my guy friends and they were commenting on the clothes (or lack there of) that the female lead was wearing in the movie. I was shocked to see that they actually cared about things like that or even paid attention to it. I never thought about the clothes I pick out to wear in the morning affecting the people around me. I then started to do a little research and just looking around at what girls on campus wear and asking my guy friends what they thought. I want to know what you guys think about this, whether it is a problem or not. Even where we should draw the line on what kinds of clothes are inappropriate, in the Christian world or even in the secular world. Is it OK to wear strapless tops? shorts? how about pants? What kinds of precautions should we take to protect our brothers in Christ, and if you don't claim that faith your guy friends or even your brothers?


Anonymous said...

I think as Christian females we should want to protect or brothers in Christ. So we should want and choose to dress modestly. So as far as shorts and strapless tops they are fine if they are worn right. Like shorts shouldn't show half your butt, and with strapless tops there shouldn't be any cleavage hanging out. It's one thing to wear clothing because of the weather, but a lot of girls wear short-shorts and strapless tops for the attention they get.

Anonymous said...

Well, the best way to classify modesty is how suggestive the clothes are. Low cut tops are suggestive, but what do we classify as low? If you feel a draft on your boobs, then it's prolly to low. If you feel a draft on your ass, then your skirt/shorts are too short. If there's not enough breeze, or if you have a paticularly un-sensitive body then here's a good judge, if your short pockets hang out your shorts then they're too short.
I know a lot of girls say that it's the guys responsibility to "not look". What kind of fricken argument is that? Why wear that kind of outfit in the first place if you don't want guys to look? It's ridiculous. I find it really unacceptable that these girls would do that and not expect that they would be looked upon like objects.

The moral of this story, girls need to take responsibility for what they wear. Guys should also treat girls like LADIES!

Anonymous said...

This is a topic that is overlooked a bit. I have seen girls (at church) in skirts that barely cover them, or wearing leggings for lack of pants. I find it disrespectful. Especially for the guys who would rather not see that kind of display and for everyone else who would not like to see it.
I've talked to some of my guy friends about this issue and it really offends them to see their sisters in Christ dressing the way that they do while at the same time, Christian guys are just trying to keep their minds pure.

Anonymous said...

so pretty much its ur own judgement on wether or not ur clothes are innapropriate, i think thats way too much responsibility for some girls.

Anonymous said...

well this topic sucks. That is my oppinion. Its horrible to think that our modesty has had to come to this. There is none! We are told by the media what to wear and what to look like so that people will like us. Even if you through the christian aspect in all of this we can have a snapy come back of "well im just showing off Gods creation" or "its the style, the bible never said anything about style". So myself being a women I have a strong oppinion on this because being around the freshmen class this year makes me what to vomit. the short booty shorts and all that and the "work out" attire that clearly the person had worked out hours ago and was not necessary to be wearing at dinner. Lets just say that I am sooo thankful for winter. Its called LAYERS!!!!

cover it up! said...

Girls should be aware of what they're wearing. Boobs shouldn't be hanging out of shirts, bellies shouldn't be showing- I don't care if you have a perfected 6 pack- put it away, and butts shouldn't be hanging out of shorts. Spaghetti straps have always bothered me... it's like a long bra. Really? You'd wear a bra that covers your belly in front of a guy and expect him not to notice all of your sexy skin? Come on'! We're hott... save it girls! And if you're hot- temperature hot- there are plenty of other clothes you can wear that cover more. And if you're absolutely melting.. sorry. Be modest. :-P

Anonymous said...

This might be interesting to you:

When it comes down to it, I think modesty is a heart issue. Are we looking to draw attention to our body? Are we looking to attract guys to our figure, or to our heart? Are we trying to protect them from sin? It comes down to that more than what's modest or not. And it's more than just clothes: excessive flirting, suggestive movement, bending over in front of a guy...stuff like that is immodest too.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea for this blog I wish I would have started one long ago for the girls at my school cause Lord knows they need a little lesson in modesty. Keep it up.